Rune Stones

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A new game from Queen Games and award-winning designer Rüdiger Dorn (Luxor, Istanbul) which transports you to a world of druids, mystical creatures, and magical artifacts!

Rune Stones is a deck-building, hand management game by acclaimed designer Rüdiger Dorn. In Rune Stones, every card has a unique number on it. Two cards are always played together, and the higher numbered card is removed from the player's deck. You have to be careful which cards you buy and how you play them to not lose your best cards. Players will use their cards to gather gems, forge them into Artifacts, then combine those into Rune Stones, which grants a special ability for the rest of the game. The more artifacts used in making a Rune Stone, the more points it scores, so players must decide whether it is best to gain abilities early or save to score more points. 


Game Play 

The goal of the game is to be the first druid to acquire 65 might points. At the start each player chooses one druid and takes the 8 starting cards (numbered 100-107), which differ slightly between each druid. The cards are shuffled and each player draws 4 cards, with the rest forming the player's draw pile.

The game is played in turns with the active player choosing 1 of the 3 available actions:

  • Summon Creatures
  • Play cards
  • Forge artifacts

Summon Creatures

There are 5 different magical creatures (and one more in the expansion) which each have different special effects which can be used to gain gems, points, new cards, and other resources. 

New creatures are summoned (added to a player's deck) by playing plays cards that show the same spell power color. Up to two creatures can be summoned in a turn by paying the cost shown on the board below each card.


Play Cards

A players plays exactly 2 cards from their hand and use their special effects to gain various resources and might points. Each card also shows a unique power number, and the higher numbered card is removed from the game (the lower number is placed in the player's discard pile and may be used later in the game). 

Forge Artifacts

A player can forge up to two artifacts on a turn using the services of the 6 different dwarfs, who each offers a different artifact to be forged at a different cost. In order to gain an artifact, players have to pay the dwarfs with gems of the artifact's color and different amount for each dwarf. 

Once a player collects at least 2 artifacts of different colors, they may choose to use their powers to make a Rune Stone. They are awarded both with might points and an ability that may be used for the rest of the game. This is the main method of acquiring might points. There are 8 different Rune Stones to choose from, each with a different and powerful ability.  

End of the Game

The druid who most cleverly summons the best creatures and uses the right combination of Rune Stone abilities will have the edge over the other druids and be the first to gain 65 might points. The round is played till the end and whoever has the most might points is the winner of the game. Let the race begin...!