Copenhagen Multicolor Tile Queenies

$10.00 - $15.00
$5.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Please select Cardboard to be compatible with the retail version and Acrylic to match the Deluxe version.

Includes 5 size three (3) tiles and 5 size five (5) tiles (in acrylic). 

To get a multi-color tile, you have to discard cards in the exact color combination of the tile (so, for instance, a purple, green, and blue for the size 3 on the left, or three yellow and two red for the size five on the bottom right). You can get a one card discount if, when placing the tile, one of the squares is touching a previously placed tile of the same color (as normal), but you can only get this discount once, and only of the color it is touching (if it is touching more than one color, you can decide where to get the discount).

The size three tiles are added to the game in addition to the normal tiles, whereas the size 5 tiles replace the normal size 5 tiles, keeping the competition for them high. The size 5 tiles also feature completely different shapes for a new challenge. 

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