Merlin Queenies

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Queenies are single Expansion modules designed for gamers that add more content and variability.

They may be used together or seperately.

The Treasure of the Environs

The Treasure of the Environs contains 15 new terrain tiles which replaces the terrain tiles without a tower on them. Every time a player builds a manor one of these tiles he can use a special action granted by the tile.

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The King's Decree

In the King’s Decree, players are presented with another difficult choice in the six principality spaces.

Instead of taking the action of the placed henchmen, the player can choose to take a decree instead. These decrees could provide building materials, shields, or flags not associated with that principality, or give the player additional victory points. Sets of decrees can also be turned in for special actions as well. These range from manipulating the dice to gathering specific resources to outright victory points.

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