Luxor Queenie Bundle

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Queenie: Swarm of Scarabs

The new scarab tiles offer a wide variety of one shot actions. Once acquired, a player can choose on which of his turns he wants to use the action.

During set-up, the new scarab tiles can either replace the ones from the basic game or be shuffled in. The players decide which way they want to play.

The Actions:

- Play any card, instead of just the left or right most card.

- When entering a tunnel jump straight to the last discovered tunnel.

- Disregard the played card, instead move one of your adventurers to your next following adventurer.

- Disregard the played card and instead use the effect of one of the top Horus cards from the display

- Disregard the played card and move one of your adventurers to the next treasure tile


Queenie: The Snake God's Boon

The snake god tiles change the way you play Luxor significantly!

As long as one adventurer is placed on a tile, he unlocks a very powerful ability for that player to use every turn. The player has the ability as long as at least one of his adventurers is remaining on the tile. The player may chose to not use an ability on his turn.

During set-up these tiles replace the Osiris tiles of the basic game. So there are 4 abilities to gain during each play. How long will you stay on one tile and get the benefit before you move your adventurer off, to not fall behind...

The abilities:

- Play any card except the card in the middle of your hand.

- Place the drawn card anywhere on your hand.

- Disregard your played card and move one of your adventurers 1-3 spaces further 

- Disregard your played card and chose one of your adventurers that does not move but activates the tile again, if he can.


Queenie: Secret Missions

Secret mission tiles give you extra opportunities to earn points by exchanging treasures, keys, scarabs and progression to get even more rewards for them.

Once a player fulfills the requirements of the mission tile, he puts the needed tiles back into the game box, along with the mission tile, and advances his scoring marker on the track accordingly.

Each player get's one randomly drawn mission tile at the start of the game with an opportunity to get three more during the course of the game. Every time a new adventurer enters the game by crossing over one of the Anubis statues, the player chooses one of the remaining mission tiles associated with that statue and leaves the rest for the other players. 

Mission tiles award many points, but you have to discard the required tiles. So better be sure if it's worth it!


Queenie: The Treasure Chamber 

The treasure chamber is, like the name implies, filled with treasures that award many points. There are four entrances to the chamber around the game board. To open an entrance the treasure tile that is placed over the entrance has to be collected by a player. After that, every adventurer can enter the treasure chamber when he lands on one of the entrances.

There you can find valuable treasures, but only if your quicker than the other players. Once a treasure is collected, it is gone. While it is lucrative to go through the treasure chamber, only when you get to the end, you will be back on the game board appearing on the last discovered entrance. Adventurers inside the treasure chamber at game end will award no points for the player.

Go grab that treasure, but be sure to be back in time!