Lancaster Reward Tiles

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Nine tokens for use with the basic game and 3 exchange tiles for use in combination with the expansion "Henry V - The Power of the King". On the backsides of the tiles the letters A-I are imprinted, in accordance with the counties of the game board.

To use these with the game, during setup, put the 9 tiles for the basic game into the bag and mix them well. (When playing with the "Henry V" expansion, remove the 3 power point tiles, A, D & F, and use the 3 A, D & F seal tiles instead.)

Draw 1 reward tile from the bag at the beginning of each game round. The letter on its back matches a county on the game board. Place the tile face up next to that county's imprinted reward.

During the rewards phase, instead of the imprinted basic reward, the concerned player may collect the reward tile. If he pays 3 gold, the player may collect the nobleman tile and the reward tile. A player may never collect both the imprinted reward and the reward tile. If the player chooses the reward tile, he receives this reward, then removes the tile from the game. If the player chooses the imprinted reward, the tile remains in the county until a player claims it in a later round.


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