Escape Roll & Write


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A game by Sebastian Schwarz for 2-4 players. Together as a team you must collect a certain number of gems, reach the exit and Escape, all before the temple collapses, and the game ends.

Each player explores their temple by entering chambers and gaining bonus actions and gems for the whole team. The special colored chambers require players to work together. They must occupy both chambers of the same color, in the same round to unlock two gems at once. A daunting task but worth it!

Players can select from different difficulty levels and variants to tailor the game to their group. Cooperation, communication, and a bit of luck rolling the dice is needed to gain the required number of gems and reach the exit before the time runs out.

The setup of the game is very easy. One adventure sheet is placed in the middle, and depending on the difficulty level, the goal on the gem track is marked. Each player takes a temple sheet, an adventurer, and a pen. A start player is determined and takes 8 dice. Then each player chooses a different direction from which they want to enter the temple. Done!

Game round

A round is played in clockwise direction beginning with the start player. The active player takes all uncursed dice, rolling them two at a time until all are rolled. After each roll they must decide if they want to keep the rolled symbols or place them in the common pool. But if a black mask is rolled, it is placed on the adventure sheet. These dice are cursed and locked from being rolled for three turns.

The active player's goal is to enter chambers on their temple sheet, collecting gems, and bonus actions. They can move their adventurer to adjacent chambers if they have the required symbols. In each chamber they gain the bonus depicted, which is then crossed out and transferred to the adventure sheet. 

Once the active player has used all their dice, or cannot use any more, the other players divide the dice in the common pool among them. With these dice they try to fulfill the treasure maps on their temple sheet. A treasure map is complete if they cross out all the required symbols, gaining a gem, and a bonus action for the whole team that is recorded on the adventure sheet.

The adventure sheet keeps track of the collected gems, game rounds, bonus actions (available and used), as well as locked dice (black masks). Available bonus actions (a box with a circle) can be used by the active player to move around their temple. If an action is used it is then crossed out.