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Copenhagen, designed by the acclaimed design team (and residents of Copenhagen) Daniel Skjold Pederson and Asger Harding Granerud, challenged players to build colorful facades in the neighborhood of "Nyhavn." Now players can face new challenges using a familiar ruleset in a brand new stand alone title: Copenhagen: Roll and Write.

In Copenhagen: Roll and Write, players will still be racing to build columns and rows of their buildings while using special abilities to gain an advantage over other players. The game has a dice selection mechanic which ensures that all players are involved every turn. Choosing the right dice and combing your abilities is key to winning the game. 

Game Play

Each player is given a player sheet and a pen, and a common sheet with the available shapes is placed in the middle. The first player takes the dice, and you are already ready to begin!

On a player's turn all 5 dice are rolled, and the active player chooses to use as many dice of one color as they would like (one side of the die is grey, which is wild). They may then choose a shape from the common board with as many squares as they have dice, and draw that shape on their player sheet. Shapes are marked with circles (O's), to represent windows, except one space (of the player's choosing) that receives an X. 

From all the unused dice, each other player chooses one and makes a cross on that color's ability track. These tracks will unlock powerful abilities for players to use during their turn.  

Players receive points when they finish rows and columns: a finished row is 1 point and a column is 2. However, these points are doubled if the row or column is entirely windows (circles, with no X's). 

If a player fills a row or a column completely with circles and crosses he gains points.

The player who reaches 12 points first is the winner of the game!

It's not that easy though. In the center of the playing area is a common sheet of paper with the available shapes. There is no limit to the number of size two (2) and three (3) shapes that can be used in a game; however, the size four (4) and five (5) shapes are limited. When a player uses one, it is marked off of the central board. 

Players are aided by special abilities that can be earned on each track. First, there are plus signs, which can be crossed off once earned to increase the number of dice of one color by one, helping players get the perfect shape they need. Each color's track also has stars, which can be spent for special abilities:

Red: Re-roll any dice you want. You start the game with two stars in Red.

Blue: Replace the X on the shape you are marking with a Circle (O).

Purple: Dray one more X adjacent to the shape you just placed.

Green: Change one color dice to another color. 

Yellow: Re-use a shape that has been used already.

Copenhagen: Roll and Write has been designed to be easy to learn, but to also give players combinations that can be used for exciting turns. It might look easy at the start, but you will be thinking hard about how to best use your dice, stars, and plusses as the game progresses.