Bastille Queenie Bundle

$5.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Queenies are single Expansion modules designed for gamers that add more content and variability.

There are three Queenies for Bastille.

Bastille: Queenie 1 adds eight new Versailles tiles to the Bastille base game to give players new options to further customize their gameplay.

Bastille: Queenie 2 includes new mid- and endgame scoring tiles that change the conditions for what scores and what is most valuable to collect throughout the game. Players can choose to play with only the new scoring tiles or shuffle them with the tiles from the base game and randomly draw for the game set-up.

Additionally, new round tiles are added to the game that give more variety to the bonus provided for having the most flags.

Bastille: Queenie 3 gives each player one new influence tile numbered 5 to their supply. This tile, once acquired, is very powerful and can gain you a lot of coins or spaces on the bastille track, and it can make convincing people to fight for your cause even cheaper.



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