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In Amerigo, designed by Stefan Feld for 2-4 players, players take the role of an explorer like Amerigo Vespucci. Journey to discover new lands, plan and build settlements, and collect resources.

Amerigo has an amazing amount of replayability, as the map layout forms differently each time. In addition, the patented dice tower changes the available actions from turn to turn, allowing many strategies that can be pursued to achieve victory.

Through the clever use of a special cube tower, the game play in Amerigo has an innovative mechanism that determines the possible actions a player may take during his or her turn. This creates a game with both a strategic and tactical planning.

Players drop cubes of a particular color (action) into the tower. Each of the 7 cube colors relates to one of the 7 actions a player may take. With the patented tower design, the cubes that are dropped into the tower may not all make it out, and some that were stuck in the tower from previous turns might come out instead. This creates an exciting element that requires the player to adapt to the situation yet still rewards a good overall strategy, capturing the game's theme of exploration and discovery.

In a 4-player game the board is put together using 16 tiles. These tiles are assembled randomly every time you play.

On the board you will see pirate markers, action cubes, progress tokens, victory points track, special actions track, and commodities. Progress tokens give the player a specific advantage throughout the game (for example - the second tile from the right has the player receiving two gold every time he or she defeats the pirates...yes you will be fighting pirates in this game!)

Once you have landed your ship on an island, you can plan and build your settlements. This allows you to gather resources and earn victory points.

Don’t forget that there are pirates sailing the high seas! You must have your cannons loaded to protect yourself from the pirates. If you don’t have the cannons needed, then you suffer the consequences!

In Amerigo, you take the role of an explorer, discovering new lands, fighting pirates, and building settlements...your journey awaits!

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