Alhambra: Roll & Write


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Game Play

Players start the game by rolling a blue and yellow die three times and crossing out the building at the intersection rolled numbers. Each time a player "builds" (crosses off) a building, it is marked on the separate scoring sheet so that all players can see how many of each building have been built. Then, each player rolls the dice one more time and places their blue and yellow dice on their player sheet on the appropriate numbers. 

Then, the start player rolls another set of dice. They may either choose one building which has not been built already and cross it out (and indicate it on the scoring sheet), or they may take one coin for each intersection which has already been crossed out (up to four coins).

The two dice that are not used are passed to the next player (the numbers are kept the same), and the two used dice are re-rolled and put back on the player sheet with the new numbers.

Coins can be used to re-roll dice (1 coin) or to mark out both buildings (3 coins). At the end of the game, 1st through 3rd place for each building type is awarded points, as well as bonus points for completed rows and columns.

New Expansion Module for Base Game 

Playing with the New Market board in the base game of Alhambra requires the 12 dice from the Roll & Write

At the beginning of the game, the New Market is set up alongside the original market and filled with the 6 buildings. Then, one yellow and one blue dice are rolled and placed next to each building.

On their turn, players may take a new action of buying from the new market. To take the building from the market, they must have the exact currency cards in yellow and blue to match one space. If they do, they show the cards, take the building, but keep the currency cards in their hand. The market is not refilled—once all 6 buildings are gone, this action is no longer available. 

To accommodate every backer, the building tiles come in 2 sizes to be played either with the Alhambra revised edition or the Mega Box edition which has larger tiles!